Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday 6/10/09 Activities

  • Started with Dr. Wilkie talking to some interns individually about various topics while everybody arrived
  • Left shortly at around 1:25 to Scott's farm called Comet Farm in Union County (approximately 30 miles away) and did many activities including:
  • Discussed various possible farm chores for interns to undertake at the Comet Farm
  • Pulled weeds around various crop areas
  • Planted some tomatoes and peppers by transferring small plants from flower pots and putting them in the ground
  • Dug holes around perimeter of tomato growing crop rows
  • Partially submerged tree limbs in holes we dug into the ground to use as posts as a temporary fence around crops so they don't expand into adjacent rows
  • Connected the logs with ropes to complete this fence
  • Sawed and transported tree limbs parts from fallen trees adjacent to farming area to be used as mini fence posts around crop rows
  • Deweeded parts of greenhouse
  • Applied hay to various rows of crops in garden
  • Left to Gainesville around 5:20
  • Written by Divik Schueller

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