Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday, June 12th

Divik did some great weeding in the garden before we all got there.

Today we all met up at the lab and discussed our Adopt-a-Crop projects.

We decided that....

Danielle will do Napier Grass and Corn
Lanie will do Peanuts and Sesame
Taylor will do Sunflower and Mustard
Divik will do Sugarcane and Miscanthus
Christa will do Jatropha and Sorghum
Eric will do Canola and Soybean

We also decided on 15 topics that every presentaion should cover (but isn't limited to)

1. regional distribution
2. soil type the plant prefers
3. what the plant is used for
4. how that plant is harvested
5. what kind of fertilization does the plant need
6. how much water does the plant need
7. energy output
8. what species and genus
9. if there are any related crops
10. alternative names
11. history
12. alternative uses
13. invasive or not
15. any genetic modification

We are shooting to show eachother these presentations on the 29th and 30th

Also we decided that next week (the hottest days) we will watch "Home" and "Give Me Green".

We all went to work on our presentations and research.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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