Thursday, June 4, 2009


I scanned the documents from Mr. Priest into google docs, with this account, if you would like to read them! They'll probably answer some questions about specific fuel costs that some people had.

  • Today during our informal meeting, we discussed different types of solar energy collection.
  • Napier grass!
  • We talked about Omnivore's Dilemma
At the motorpool -
  • They get their B100/E85 from Lewis Oil
  • They use B20 in everything that runs on Diesel
  • UPD runs all their cars on E85
  • Out of their approx $2.1M budget, $0.5M goes to fuel
  • Vehicles must travel >6k miles/year or they will be eligible to be removed from the fleet
  • Vehicles are inspected once/year
  • They use color coded electronic keys to prevent people from stealing fuel, to see how much is used, and to bill the correct department
  • OPIS - Oil Price Info Service
  • Biogas with CO2 and H2S removed is called biomethane
  • Compressed Natural Gas
  • Liquid Natural Gas
  • Police force running on natural gas
  • Public transportation, books, groceries - Europe, India
  • All new vehicles bought by UF have to run on renewable energy
  • Cost per Btu for gas, ethanol, biodiesel, diesel?
  • "Campus cab" SNAP, group cars on campus
  • Doug Rank - graduate student regarding fuel efficiency
Let me know if I missed something important!


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