Thursday, July 30, 2009


Sorry I forgot to update about Tuesday!

On Tuesday we all worked on our personal projects individualy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Schedules for both Orlando conferences

Farm to Fuel Conference - THIS THURSDAY!

Department of Environmental Protection - NEXT TUEDSDAY!

Public Meeting on Florida’s New 75% Recycling Goal
Orlando City Hall, Council Chambers
400 South Orange Avenue
August 4, 2009
1:00pm – 5:00pm
The purpose of this meeting is to solicit feedback regarding DEP’s preliminary recommendations for implementing the 75% statewide recycling goal. Those recommendations will be available for public review no later than July 21 via the web site at the bottom of this page.
1:00pm Welcome and Introductions
Mary Jean Yon, Director, DEP Division of Waste Management
1:15pm Overview of DEP’s Preliminary Recommendations
Ron Henricks, DEP Recycling Program
1:45pm Public Comments and Open Discussion - on issues related to the above presentation and any other aspects of the new recycling goal statute (which is printed on the other side of this agenda)
5:00pm Adjourn meeting

Attendees who wish to speak will be asked to fill out a speaker card showing name and affiliation. Attendees and other interested parties are also invited to provide comments via DEP’s web forum at
Florida Department of
Environmental Protection
Bob Martinez Center 2600 Blair Stone Road Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400
Charlie Crist
Jeff Kottkamp Lt. Governor
Michael W. Sole

Friday, July 24, 2009


Toured UF's Biofuel facility
Taylor finished filling pots for Ryan's "Urban Pot Garden"
Lowe's trip for supplies!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Activities: Wednesday 7/22/09

  • Interns worked on weeding energy and algae gardens
  • Also worked on their individual projects.
-Divik Schueller-

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DEP 75% recylcing goal public meeting

This is the agenda for the DEP 75% recycling goal public meeting on August 4th. Look it over and let me know who would like to go.


Farm to Fuel Agenda

Here is a link to the 2009 Farm to Fuel Agenda. Take a look at it before we head down there next week.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday July 21st

Today we worked on individual projects until 1:50 pm when we left for the Landfill field trip.
At the Landfill we were met by Ron Bishop and he gave us a tour of the closed facility.
We were able to go atop the "hill" itself and had an explanation on how the landfill is lined from the top and bottom and how they capture the gas through a slit between the two liners. The also have water pump system on the top and bottom of the garbage pile. The top of the garbage is where they pump in the water and the bottom to collect the water that they then seperate into concentrate (that will be re-pumped into the garbage) and a water that is high in ammonia that they are going to pump on top of the hill itself.
Ron Bishop also showed us where they burn off the methane.

At the end of the day we did a bit more work on our individual projects and discussed field trips that are posted on the calendar. We decided that we will postpone our individual project presentations until we have done more work on them.



Monday 07/21

Worked on individual projects until around 2, when we left for Deer Haven coal plant.
The tour began with a discussion on the plant's operations, including
  • how the plant uses different units to meet the cities energy needs
  • the difference between seasonal peak hours
  • how the plant uses different units to efficiently cover these needs
  • how the plant is using the feed in tariff to supplement additional energy needs of a growing population
  • a detailed explanation of how coal is used to run steam turbines to make energy, then how the byproducts are cleaned up to emit minimal emissions.
  • there were also talks of the plans for the biomass plant to be constructed and what part GRU will play in it's future

Afterwards we watched a video about the plant, and then toured the plant

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday 7/16

  • Today, before I came, Scott (?) came and talked to the interns about solar panels. (one of you guys could fill this in more if it's important)
  • Ryan talked to us about the types of digesters out there, as well as some terminology dealing with digesters
  • We had a discussion about our individual projects, bouncing ideas off one another
  • Talked to Dr. Wilkie about starting an innoculum business, and "poop pills"
  • Decided our papers would be due monday, to give the books more time to be comprehended

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Activities: Wednesday 7/15/09

  • Dr. Wilkie talked to the interns about future field trips and other activities for the rest of the summer B term
  • Interns did individual work
Divik finished deweeding sugarcane and canola rows in the energy garden
Taylor worked on the plastic digestor
Christa and Danielle worked on their projects
Eric and Lanie did technical work in the machine shop
  • Later all interns came in and introduced themselves to Gabriel Espanosa, a former intern
  • Then everybody did their individual project introduction presentations
Lanie on "Algae Cell Splitting"
Divik on "Florida Renewable Energy Governmental Policy: State Level"
Eric on "Designing A Hot Water Solar Collector For Developing Nations"
Daniele on "The Flour Pot Bakery"
Taylor on "Anaerobic Digestor Designs"
Christa on "Digestion of The Glycerin From The Production of Biodiesel"

Divik Schueller


Worked on individual projects, heard Ryan's lecture on anaerobic digestion where we learned about the four steps occurring within the digester.

Monday - 07/13

Today we worked on our individual projects and crop assignments
Ryan gave a presentation on general information about anaerobic digestion, followed by discussion

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday 7/10/09

Today I gave my presentation on my adopted crop Jatropha. (after some issues with the projector)
Carolina came and gave us a presentation on the Soil Fertility - the N cycle, K cycle, and P cycle.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

European Anaerobic Digestion Network

Hey guys,

Here's a link to the European Anaerobic Digestion Network. They have some good information on what's going on in Europe with biogas and biogas in general. It's a good intro to the presentations I'll be giving.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Southeastern Livestock Pavillion


Activities: Wednesday July 7, 2009

  • Divik finished weeding the sugarcane and weeded part of the tropical cane parts of the energy garden
  • Eric helped Divik with some of the weeding
  • Divik, Eric and Ryan went to Lowes and bought connector parts for the solar thermal panels
  • Danielle, Christa and Lanie shelled peanuts which will be used to extract oil through the oil press later this week
  • Eric did some technician/ welding/ engineering based work on the press to more efficiently optimize it for food based oil extraction purposes
  • At the end of the day, Dr. Wilkie talked to all of the interns about future field trips and bioenergy school research and educational plans
By Divik Schueller

Link for Oil Press

Below is the link Dr. Wilcki gave me about our oil press. I suggest clicking on the click on the webpage that shows the oil yeilds for diffrent nuts and seeds.



Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We made biodiesel out of peanut, sunflower and used vegetable oil!

Also had time to do some weeding
Attempted to press jatropha seeds
Eric fixed up the new press
Some time also for work on individual projects

Monday 07/06

Sorry for the late post, first time I've been on a computer in a while
-Started the day off working on our crops and our individual projects
-Listened to two presentations from Scott on Biodiesel
-Discussed the pros and cons of biodiesel

FARE Conference: Saturday 7/7/09

Hello Interns,
As mentioned today, both through e-mail and verbally, there is a FARE (Florida Alliance For Renewable Energy) conference this Saturday in Largo, Florida starting at 11 A.M. In order to attend, you must be a member. To be a member, you have to pay a $25 membership fee.

If you are interested in carpooling, please contact me beforehand so I can coordinate accordingly. Don Davis (president of Capital City Bank in Gainesville, FL) plans on leaving Gainesville at 7:30 A.M. that day and will have breakfast with the carpoolers while travelling to Largo. He will leave from the Capital City Bank on the intersection of NW 8th Avenue and Newberry Road, close to the Oaks Mall.

Largo is close to St. Petersburg, so the driving time should be around 2.5-3 hours.

Below is the website address:

Divik Schueller
(352) 281-9037

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FYI Links

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council's invasive plant list

2008 Florida Farm to Fuel Presentations
(Scroll down for bioenergy crop presentations)

Monday - 06/29

Spent the day starting research for individual summer projects and worked on Adopt A Crop presentations

Monday, June 29, 2009

Adopt-a-Crop: Presenting On A Crop Assigned To Marcello

Hello Again Interns,
Since Marcello has left and is not going to be working with us, I plan on doing a presentation on one of his crops, Miscanthus. So that means that my two Adopt-a-Crop presentations are on SUGARCANE and MISCANTHUS.

Adopt-a-Crop: Will Do Presentation on Sugarcane

Hey Again Everybody,
I'll just do my presentation on sugarcane, since Lanie has already done her presentation on peanuts. I'll start working on the sugarcane presentation now.
Divik Schueller
(352) 281-9037

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Accidentally Mistook Research Topic: Adopt-a-Crop

Hey everybody,
I accidentally mistook the topic today and started working on a presentation about peanuts instead of sugarcane. Since sugarcane was my original Adopt-a-Crop presentation topic and Lanie is doing peanuts and sesame, can I switch topics with her? If you could respond to me about this at your earliest possible convenience, it would be greatly appreciated.
Divik Schueller
(352) 281-9037

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sears Tower going green

NY Times article on the Sears Tower turning green - trying to reduce energy costs, etc. They'll be putting wind turbines on the roof!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009


  • Eric and Marcello worked on their solar desalinator
  • We all did some weeding in the garden, while Christa weedwacked the jatropha area
  • We did some research on the Haiti project for Christa

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Activities Performed Wednesday 6/17/09

  • The following people did presentations on the first books assigned for them to read in this summer school:
  1. Danielle
  2. Taylor
  • A UF speaker came and had a discussion with the interns and Dr. Wilkie about sustainable development in Haiti, with a focus on American based attempts to further implement energy technologies in the region, that produce less harm on the local ecology, while improving domestic socioeconomic conditions there.
  • Written by Divik Schueller

Green roofs

This morning, in the New York Times, I found an article on green roofs. I found it fitting to post this, especially after our talk about green roofs yesterday. It's titled, "Urban Farming, a Bit Closer to the Sun."


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For all you ambitious futurists out there, here is a sustainable design collaborative with some interesting concepts. A lot of the implementation details do not seem to be fleshed out, though I find the ideas pretty inspiring.


  • Learned about Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy (FARE),
  • Christa's presentation on "Cradle to Cradle"
  • Carolina's presentation on soils

Article on Haiti

Hey guys,

Here is an article I found on Haiti that will give you an idea what's going on there.
We should have a speaker coming in today to talk to us about Haiti and I thought it would be good if we all had some backround information on it.

Hope everyone is having a great morning!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday, June 12th

Divik did some great weeding in the garden before we all got there.

Today we all met up at the lab and discussed our Adopt-a-Crop projects.

We decided that....

Danielle will do Napier Grass and Corn
Lanie will do Peanuts and Sesame
Taylor will do Sunflower and Mustard
Divik will do Sugarcane and Miscanthus
Christa will do Jatropha and Sorghum
Eric will do Canola and Soybean

We also decided on 15 topics that every presentaion should cover (but isn't limited to)

1. regional distribution
2. soil type the plant prefers
3. what the plant is used for
4. how that plant is harvested
5. what kind of fertilization does the plant need
6. how much water does the plant need
7. energy output
8. what species and genus
9. if there are any related crops
10. alternative names
11. history
12. alternative uses
13. invasive or not
15. any genetic modification

We are shooting to show eachother these presentations on the 29th and 30th

Also we decided that next week (the hottest days) we will watch "Home" and "Give Me Green".

We all went to work on our presentations and research.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home, the documentary

Someone mentioned this in the lab meeting. Here's a youtube video of Home. Enjoy.



We all have been working so hard with the energy crops but I feel like I know little about the actual plant sooooo I was thinking it would be cool if we all "adopt" one of the crops and do a mini presentation for the rest so we can get more info on them. It doesn't have to be fancy. On monday we will have a "round-table" and we can figure out what we want to get out of this.

Just post which plant you want do it on.

Energy Crops

sorgum (sorry about the spelling if it's wrong)
napier grass (Elephant Grass)


Awesome use of Google Maps!

I found this site... I'm going to post it on the BEST list serve tonight. Its shows all the places to get biofuels on a Google Map.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday 6/10/09 Activities

  • Started with Dr. Wilkie talking to some interns individually about various topics while everybody arrived
  • Left shortly at around 1:25 to Scott's farm called Comet Farm in Union County (approximately 30 miles away) and did many activities including:
  • Discussed various possible farm chores for interns to undertake at the Comet Farm
  • Pulled weeds around various crop areas
  • Planted some tomatoes and peppers by transferring small plants from flower pots and putting them in the ground
  • Dug holes around perimeter of tomato growing crop rows
  • Partially submerged tree limbs in holes we dug into the ground to use as posts as a temporary fence around crops so they don't expand into adjacent rows
  • Connected the logs with ropes to complete this fence
  • Sawed and transported tree limbs parts from fallen trees adjacent to farming area to be used as mini fence posts around crop rows
  • Deweeded parts of greenhouse
  • Applied hay to various rows of crops in garden
  • Left to Gainesville around 5:20
  • Written by Divik Schueller

Haile Village Farmers Market

Hello everyone

I know just about everyone already knows I work at the Farmer's Markets on Saturday... but for those of you who have yet to experience a Farmer's Market (Gainesville style) should do so if you can this Saturday. I've posted a link for how to get there, and this link even shows what you what's in season that can be found at the market. It's a very laid back atmosphere, there are restaurants within walking distance, and as a random side note: if you have a friendly dog you should bring yours because tons of other people do... or just come grab some yummy local food : )

Hope to see you there,

Activities 6/9/09

Scott's Farm Day 1!
* Planted peppers
* Harvested beets
* Cleared old plants out to make way for the new
* Some lucky interns got to have a wonderful dinner :)
* Learned how Scott's farm operates sustainably (for example, composting to get fly larvae to feed to the chickens)
This is the article I sent on the BEST list, just reposting it here so we can discuss it...

should we abandon ethanol pursuits? should we focus on electric cars from here? Or, is this analysis premature in the sense that as research progresses the chemical processes might become more efficient? Then again, burning seems pretty efficient because it is so simple...
Sorry for the late post, first time I've been able to get to a computer.
  • Met up in Jacksonville for the conference
  • Listened to discussions on present and future challenges for cellulosic biofuels, biomass, various potential bioenergy grasses, invasives, and optimal growing conditions for biomass production.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Due date for paychecks...

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to ask if you all had heard any follow up regarding submitting information so that we may get our paychecks on the 19th... it looks like the due date for info is the 9th, so we'd better get everything wrapped up. Please let me know if anyone else received the email about this, or if you know exactly what we are supposed to do!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Activities

Today we covered
  1. Our plans for our trip to Jacksonville for the conference
  2. Jason came and gave us a review on his speech
  3. Dr. Wilkie gave us our new books to read
  4. We covered our plans for next week
  • Monday: Conference
  • Tuesday: Scott's Farm
  • Wednesday: Scott's Farm
  • Thursday: Lecture and Christa, Danielle and Eric will present book review PowerPoint's
  • Friday:Still up in the air

Let me know if there is anything I may have forgotten



One more thing about the conference

Hey Guys,

On the site click on PROGRAM to see the schedule and ABSTRACT to read what each session will be covering


Hey everyone,

Here is the link Dr. Wilkie gave me for the conference on Monday in Jacksonville

Let me know if you need directions


Please bring laptops from now on

Hey everyone,

Dr. Wilkie requested that we all bring our laptops every day.


Thursday, June 4, 2009


I scanned the documents from Mr. Priest into google docs, with this account, if you would like to read them! They'll probably answer some questions about specific fuel costs that some people had.

  • Today during our informal meeting, we discussed different types of solar energy collection.
  • Napier grass!
  • We talked about Omnivore's Dilemma
At the motorpool -
  • They get their B100/E85 from Lewis Oil
  • They use B20 in everything that runs on Diesel
  • UPD runs all their cars on E85
  • Out of their approx $2.1M budget, $0.5M goes to fuel
  • Vehicles must travel >6k miles/year or they will be eligible to be removed from the fleet
  • Vehicles are inspected once/year
  • They use color coded electronic keys to prevent people from stealing fuel, to see how much is used, and to bill the correct department
  • OPIS - Oil Price Info Service
  • Biogas with CO2 and H2S removed is called biomethane
  • Compressed Natural Gas
  • Liquid Natural Gas
  • Police force running on natural gas
  • Public transportation, books, groceries - Europe, India
  • All new vehicles bought by UF have to run on renewable energy
  • Cost per Btu for gas, ethanol, biodiesel, diesel?
  • "Campus cab" SNAP, group cars on campus
  • Doug Rank - graduate student regarding fuel efficiency
Let me know if I missed something important!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday June 3 Activities Performed By Interns

  • Deweeded energy garden area around peanut and sunflower crops
  • Shoveled dirt from remote part of energy park and placed in large, circular flower pot containers under bamboo structure adjacent to bushes
  • Planted jatropha in these corresponding circular flower pot containers
  • Me and Eric checked the photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and made sure Scot's algae system was completely powered by the four panels hooked up in parallel.
  • Me, Ryan and Marchello went to DeDee DeLongpre's fairwell gathering to say bye to her while the rest of the interns attended the garden.
  • Post written by Divik Schueller

Peanut and Sunflower oil project

We took 1 lb of shelled peanuts and 1 lb of sunflower seeds (with shell) and grinded it through the oil press. We then took the unfiltered oil of both the peanuts and sunflower and used a beaker with a funnel and filter paper to produce a yeild of 146 mL of filtered peanut oil and 140 mL of filtered sunflower oil. The pressed cake from the oil press yielded .65 lb of peanut cake and .7 of sunflower cake.

Kingsley Plantation and Sea Cotton

Below is the link for the Kingsley Plantation Website

Below is the link for Sea Cotton

I haven't been able to find any information on the water that it uses to grow or if it can even withstand salt water. Please let me know if you find anything.

See you tomorrow



Here are some websites that give some solid insite to Jatropha

I found this website to be the most informational

See you tommorrow

Christa, Lani, Danielle, and Taylor

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Upcoming events

Hi interns,
Just a reminder of the upcoming events we talked about today.
  • Wednesday (6/3): plant jatropha, farewell reception for Dedee
  • Thursday (6/4): trip to motor pool
  • Monday (6/8): Conference in Jacksonville
  • Tuesday and Wednesday (6/9 & 6/10): Work at Scott and Hailey's farms (bring swimsuits)
  • Thursday (6/11): Visit Flour Pot bakery
  • Friday (6/12): Possible algae conference in Orlando

Any free time we have, we need to get the plants we have sprouted in the ground.


6/02 Activities

* Sanded, checked for leaks and spray painted the solar panels in an effort to refurbish them
* Set up other solar panels in digester mulched area
* Organized the shop
* Planted sesame seeds after weeding the area
Monday - 06/01

Here's what we did today:
  • Turned in book reports
  • Filled 16 pots with dirt from the south end of the park
  • Cleaned the solar thermal panels
  • Organized the tool shed
  • Raked the mulch in the energy plot
  • Set up PV panels by the algae stations inthe energy plot


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday May 29th

  • We finished weeding around the digester area but heat kept us from too much gardening
  • Took care of some more paperwork that required us to take a field trip to campus.
  • More thashing of Mustard
  • Thrashed Canola
  • Found that the filtering of the pound of peanuts and pound of sunflower seeds has worked and left us with beautiful oil

Christa Rummel

Thursday, May 28, 2009

5.28.09 Activities

Hey everyone!!

Today we did a lot of stuff!

-Eric was here, and we pressed one pound of peanuts into oil.
-We tried to vacuum filter that oil, but the equipment wasn't working, so we did it the old fashioned way. Gravity!
-We found a meat grinder, and tried turning that into something that could press oil, but we're missing a few essential parts.
-Taylor worked outside, fixing the pumps for the algae experiment.
-We filled out paperwork! Yay.
-We thrashed mustard seeds, and ground them.

Don't forget to bring a blank check tomorrow, as well as your SS card, gator1, and your license.

Book report/review due monday.


Wednesday 5/29/09 Group Activities

-Deweeded mulched area outside digester
-Modified filtration techniques for peanut oil and sunflower seed oil
-Independent study: Did some reading for our assigned books we have to read for our book reports due Monday 6/1/09
-Cleaned out hand held oil press
-Discussed future energy and food garden tasks
-Introduced new sixth member Eric Layton to our bioenergy summer school intern team and our research and development facilities

Divik Schueller
(352) 281-9037

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bioenergy Internship Log 09

Tuesday's Activities
* Weeding began for mulched digester area, although rain delays prevented this from being finished
* Weeded rows of sunflowers and peanuts in energy garden
* Pressed 1 lb of sunflower seeds and began filtering extracted oil
* Saw that our filtration system left over the weekend for original peanut/sunflower extraction was successful
* Planted Black Aztec (hope I remembered name correctly) corn in seed tray

Please add more activities if I neglected to mention any
also sorry for posting this twice, the first time I accidentally added it as a comment...


Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey guys, its Lanie.

Here's our blog!

Reading this wikipedia article (not that wikipedia is always that reliable) says that adding manure during Jatropha germination has negative effects, and I thought that was interesting. Any thoughts?

See you tuesday!