Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday May 29th

  • We finished weeding around the digester area but heat kept us from too much gardening
  • Took care of some more paperwork that required us to take a field trip to campus.
  • More thashing of Mustard
  • Thrashed Canola
  • Found that the filtering of the pound of peanuts and pound of sunflower seeds has worked and left us with beautiful oil

Christa Rummel

Thursday, May 28, 2009

5.28.09 Activities

Hey everyone!!

Today we did a lot of stuff!

-Eric was here, and we pressed one pound of peanuts into oil.
-We tried to vacuum filter that oil, but the equipment wasn't working, so we did it the old fashioned way. Gravity!
-We found a meat grinder, and tried turning that into something that could press oil, but we're missing a few essential parts.
-Taylor worked outside, fixing the pumps for the algae experiment.
-We filled out paperwork! Yay.
-We thrashed mustard seeds, and ground them.

Don't forget to bring a blank check tomorrow, as well as your SS card, gator1, and your license.

Book report/review due monday.


Wednesday 5/29/09 Group Activities

-Deweeded mulched area outside digester
-Modified filtration techniques for peanut oil and sunflower seed oil
-Independent study: Did some reading for our assigned books we have to read for our book reports due Monday 6/1/09
-Cleaned out hand held oil press
-Discussed future energy and food garden tasks
-Introduced new sixth member Eric Layton to our bioenergy summer school intern team and our research and development facilities

Divik Schueller
(352) 281-9037

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bioenergy Internship Log 09

Tuesday's Activities
* Weeding began for mulched digester area, although rain delays prevented this from being finished
* Weeded rows of sunflowers and peanuts in energy garden
* Pressed 1 lb of sunflower seeds and began filtering extracted oil
* Saw that our filtration system left over the weekend for original peanut/sunflower extraction was successful
* Planted Black Aztec (hope I remembered name correctly) corn in seed tray

Please add more activities if I neglected to mention any
also sorry for posting this twice, the first time I accidentally added it as a comment...


Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey guys, its Lanie.

Here's our blog!

Reading this wikipedia article (not that wikipedia is always that reliable) says that adding manure during Jatropha germination has negative effects, and I thought that was interesting. Any thoughts?

See you tuesday!