Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey guys, its Lanie.

Here's our blog!

Reading this wikipedia article (not that wikipedia is always that reliable) says that adding manure during Jatropha germination has negative effects, and I thought that was interesting. Any thoughts?

See you tuesday!


  1. Good job on the research Lanie. I found the article interesting and it has some useful information. -Divik-

  2. Tuesday's Activities
    * Weeding began for mulched digester area, although rain delays prevented this from being finished
    * Weeded rows of sunflowers and peanuts in energy garden
    * Pressed 1 lb of sunflower seeds and began filtering extracted oil
    * Saw that our filtration system left over the weekend for original peanut/sunflower extraction was successful
    * Planted Black Aztec (hope I remembered name correctly) corn in seed tray

    Please add more activities if I neglected to mention any