Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Activities: Wednesday 7/15/09

  • Dr. Wilkie talked to the interns about future field trips and other activities for the rest of the summer B term
  • Interns did individual work
Divik finished deweeding sugarcane and canola rows in the energy garden
Taylor worked on the plastic digestor
Christa and Danielle worked on their projects
Eric and Lanie did technical work in the machine shop
  • Later all interns came in and introduced themselves to Gabriel Espanosa, a former intern
  • Then everybody did their individual project introduction presentations
Lanie on "Algae Cell Splitting"
Divik on "Florida Renewable Energy Governmental Policy: State Level"
Eric on "Designing A Hot Water Solar Collector For Developing Nations"
Daniele on "The Flour Pot Bakery"
Taylor on "Anaerobic Digestor Designs"
Christa on "Digestion of The Glycerin From The Production of Biodiesel"

Divik Schueller

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